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We never sell, rent, or give your address to anyone at any time for any reason. Period.

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Spam is a pervasive problem and poses a serious threat to the viability of email as a communication medium. No one but a spammer likes spam. We have a VERY strong commitment to make sure you never receive spam from your participation with us. That's why we switched to AWeber's list management and double opt-in features.

You will only receive emails from Senior Management Services. And, you can unsubscribe at any time.

No one loathes spam and spammers more we do.

Often, people (including me) just don’t realize how their online behaviors can lead to spam. Often, people fill out a website form with their email address that gets them put on some spam list. Or, people leave their email address exposed on their website where a spider can pick it up. (That’s why I removed all email addresses on our website.)

But rest assured, the cause of any of your spam will NOT be because you subscribed to PVT or sent us an email.

Tips to Decrease Spam

  • Never send reply-email or click "unsubscribe" (or equivalent) to unsubscribe unless you know the company or person. Why? Because spammers use your reply to verify your email address and then subscribe you to other mailing lists without your knowledge or permission. Instead, if you don’t know the person or company, simply delete the email. (Yes, it's a damn nuisance. But, that spam just might contain a malicious virus or covert software.) I recommend that you use a "shredding" erase program. Empty your trash often.
  • When filling out any type of Internet form, watch for any type of checkbox that is already checked for you to receive a newsletter or share your email address with a third party.
  • If you are concerned about someone sharing your email address, set up a temporary email account through Gmail, Yahoo, or other free email service.
  • Be careful about to whom you send email. Some sites that require your information for free products, free services, or contests "share" your email address to make money.
  • Never forward an email that claims that it can tracked as it is forwarded or that you will help make money for a certain cause by forwarding it. These "chain" emails are often used just to get additional email addresses for SPAMMERS.
  • Be careful where you post your email address. For example, anyone can grab your email address from a chat room or news group. Therefore, if you must post or send your email, send it to a specific person or setup a temporary email account.

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